Saturday, October 19, 2019

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HiFiveInsider is a partner publication of HiFiveMusic ( The Insider (HFI) is a platform that tells the stories of the artists we represent from HiFiveMusic (HFM). We place our finger right on the pulse of today’s indie music and indie cultural scene with industry-related content that’s sure to catch your eyes and ears.

We are the conduits responsible for bringing the undiscovered musicians out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Driven by the same independent-rebel spirit of the talented artists of HFM, we like to think of the Insider as your main social hub for all things indie.


The HiFiveMusic Model


For too long, emerging artists feel that they must give away their work in order to break in, spending thousands of dollars to produce an EP or album, only to upload it on the Internet for free or, at best, for pennies on the dollar. More and more artists are devaluing their work because they want to be successful, and the music industry tells them it’s OK—even necessary—if they want in.

At HiFiveMusic, we think it’s time for a change.

HFM is a unique, annual subscription model where fans can subscribe directly to the artist and listen, stream, download, and KEEP all of their available music!