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Artist Spotlight: Jamie Alimorad

Jamie Alimorad and his 2010 EP Cornerstone is an echo of a sound that rang clear a decade earlier. Polished and vaguely nostalgic, the four tracks that make up the EP are reminiscent of popular hit songs of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The music encourages you to rediscover and release your inner screaming teenage fangirl.

The catchiest tune on the album is the opening track “What You Have,” which consists of a cheerful melody later harmonized with a twang of country-style, back-up vocals in the chorus section. The song conceptualizes a persona for Alimorad as the nice guy who, although finishes last, finishes strong.

It is difficult to avoid projecting this initial impression onto our interpretation of the following songs: Alimorad’s musical voice comes across as naïve but genuine throughout the EP.

At times, Alimorad’s sweet “boy next door” perspective is served with a side of lyrics that are syrupy but easy to digest. “She is…” begins: “See the girl looking so sweet, innocently and tenderly / I can’t believe she looks at me. / The way the wind blows her brown hair, the way she sings without a care / She’s everything I like to do.” The discrepant rhyme scheme and musical text setting, although regarded as awkward at times, contribute to the song’s youthful energy.

Alimorad’s lyrics will reach that “wholesome of a meal” feel with a sprinkling of richer poeticism beyond descriptive comparisons.

“If you ever catch yourself missing the days of dancing to the boom box and frequenting the local video store, Alimorad’s Cornerstone is your chance to revisit those experiences.”

With the exception of “Stay With Me,” instrumentation, tempo, content matter and overall sound throughout the EP are very consistent. This third track is refreshingly faster, more energetic and has a rock n’ roll drive. Unlike the other songs, which do beg to be arranged for a boy band, “Stay With Me” could instead be easily reimagined through a punk-rock lens.

If you ever catch yourself missing the days of dancing to the boom box and frequenting the local video store, Alimorad’s Cornerstone is your chance to revisit those experiences. In an era where most pop stars now attempt to act older than their age, Alimorad’s buoyant, unburdened point of view seems almost a rebellious return to simpler times.


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