Wednesday, November 20, 2019

This week’s HiFiveInsider spotlight is featuring a Long Island native indie/pop band—MAYVE. Naturally connected by friendship and a passion for music, they are cultivating some serious attention.

The band started with old friends Nick Micheline as lead vocalist, guitarist and keys player, Mike Gusman, who is also on guitar, and Joseph Rene on the drums. They acquired Kyle Murphy as a guitarist and back-up vocals, and Matt Emma on the bass.

Growing up on 90’s pop and heavily influenced by their parent’s classic rock albums, MAYVE officially transitioned into a band in August of 2015. By using a “do it yourself” attitude and a countless supply of pizza to uniquely create their music videos, media content and marketing initiatives, MAYVE was able to develop a direct artist-to-fan connection.

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Their music is fresh, nostalgic and the perfect mix of 90’s pop and today’s indie rock!

MAYVE has just recently released their first EP as a band called Animals. This new indie/pop album has the perfect energy to start your day in a positive way! They were able to record Animals with the help and guidance from Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, who has worked with John Legend, Warren Haynes, Travis Barker and other influential artists.

“The boys are taking in their fans’ energy as motivation to record their second EP, and this time, they are getting personal.”

The album reflects on an easier and more optimistic time in their lives when they were young men searching for love and a signature sound.

MAYVE has been appreciating the large amounts of positive feedback about the album. The boys are taking in their fans’ energy as motivation to record their second EP, and this time, they are getting personal. By writing about real life experiences, they are able to connect with their fans.

The band is very excited to be playing at the MOVE Festival in April 2016. You can catch MAYVE at local Long Island venues and all over the web. Animals can be streamed on HifiveMusic!

Follow their adventures on Twitter as they continue to grow and rock—@mayvemusic.


Cover Photo: Adapted from MAYVE’s Facebook page.

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