Wednesday, November 20, 2019

“Now I’m in love again!” begins the frontman who goes by the name of Fantastic Negrito, as he croons ferociously into the mic during one of his hit songs titled, “An Honest Man.”

“These streets got me wonderin’, lookin’ for my fix again…”

You’re not alone Mr. Negrito, because we here at HiFive are fixed on your soulful sound and sharp guitar licks that are strong enough to bring an ill-tempered lion to his knees.

It has never been easy for the American-born singer/songwriter, who has not only experienced the volatile Hollywood party scene in California during the 80’s and 90’s, but has also come face-to-face with death (literally) a little over a decade ago when he was involved in a vicious car accident that left his right playing hand permanently damaged.

As a human being, Negrito has endured the type of circumstances that would cause lesser-willed people to throw in the towel on life. However, Negrito, in multiple cases, has continued to find ways to reincarnate himself through his music (you can find out more about his remarkable story here).

After listening to a few tracks, I learned quickly that Negrito has an admirable resiliency, which is present in each song he writes. He also has no problem with grabbing fascinated listeners by the collar and revisiting with them the very darkness his life was once completely submerged in.

In the song “A New Beginning,” Negrito channels that darkness with Jack White-styled vocals and guitar play. There is a distinctive edginess to his voice within the pre-chorus that purposely pushes the music close to chaotic destruction, but Negrito is completely aware of where he is going with his musical composition, and he knows exactly how to tame the score.

Perhaps the thing that makes Negrito so fantastic is his ability to be artistically progressive within the framework of an older musical style like the Blues.

Tracks like “Night Has Turned to Day” and “It’s a Long, Long Road” share the foundation of classic Mississippi river song elements: the strong backing of cathedral piano, Robert Johnson-like guitar playing and the pedal-steel, slide-guitar licks.

But Negrito is far from being just a mere impersonator of blues and its musical history; he is able to fuse smooth R&B orchestration and chest-pumping beats with his aggressive melodic playing, which makes his music appealing to today’s listeners who may be unfamiliar with the grass roots of blues music altogether.  

There’s something beautiful about an artist like Negrito, who turns down conventional pop standards and chooses instead to blend with the older souls and pioneers of the Delta Music era.

Negrito has found a way to tell his story through each rugged note that his vocal chords are able to produce. The sound of his music is like a three-finger shot of honey whiskey—straight and neat. There’s the aforementioned bitterness followed by an insatiable warmth deep in the chest that has the listener eagerly prepping the glass for the next round—or in Negrito’s case—highly anticipating the next song.

HiFiveMusic is proud to have Fantastic Negrito as one of our featured artists, and we encourage followers to subscribe to his channel. Take a journey with Negrito, and within the musical beauty birthed through the very destruction he has endured, you’re guaranteed to discover what makes him truly fantastic.


**Key Tracks**

An Honest Man (4:06)

It’s A Long, Long Road (3:36)

A New Beginning (3:33)

Night Has Turned To Day (2:40)


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Cover photo courtesy of Fantastic Negrito’s Facebook page.

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